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[Case Study] "Sanitizing Company" Boosts Revenue with Website and Google Ads


The Sanitizing Company is a new business that offers disinfection services to commercial and residential customers. When they first started, they didn't have any online presence or marketing efforts in place. However, they quickly realized that in order to grow and attract new clients, they needed to establish a website and start running Google ads.


The Sanitizing Company first created a website to showcase their services and provide a way for potential customers to learn more about their business. They also listed their business on local directories to improve their online visibility and make it easier for customers to find them.

Once their website was up and running, the Sanitizing Company started running Google ads to drive traffic to their site and attract new leads. They targeted their ads to local customers and used keywords related to disinfection and cleaning services to ensure that their ads were being seen by the right audience.


The efforts of the Sanitizing Company paid off, as they were able to generate an average of 30 to 50 leads per day from their website and Google ads. This resulted in a significant increase in revenue for the company, as they were able to convert many of these leads into paying customers.


The Sanitizing Company's decision to create a website and run Google ads was a smart move that helped them attract new business and boost their revenue. By targeting their ads to local customers and using relevant keywords, they were able to reach the right audience and generate a steady stream of leads. Overall, the combination of a website and Google ads proved to be an effective marketing strategy for the Sanitizing Company.

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