Immigration Company

Case Study: Texas Review Improves Lead Generation with New Website and Digital Marketing Strategy

Business: Texas Review is a company that offers immigration and test preparation services.

Challenge: Texas Review had a poorly designed website and a lack of a proper digital marketing strategy. As a result, the company was only able to generate around 150 leads per month.

Solution: Texas Review decided to revamp their website and develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to increase lead generation. This strategy included running Google search ads, remarketing ads, and Facebook ads, as well as focusing on SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Results: The new digital marketing strategy had a major impact on lead generation for Texas Review. Within just six months, the company was able to achieve a milestone of generating over 2,000 leads per month. In the next three months, they were able to increase this number even further, reaching over 5,000 leads per month.

Additionally, the increased lead generation allowed Texas Review to expand their business. They opened nine new branches and even started new institutions in other states across India.

Conclusion: By revamping their website and implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, Texas Review was able to significantly increase their lead generation and expand their business. These efforts demonstrate the importance of investing in a strong online presence and using targeted digital marketing techniques to reach new customers.