What to do When you Lost your Job in 2022

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If you lost your job due to COVID-19 and don't know what to do, then this post is for you. Here I am going to show how you can make a full-time income with your existing skills.

What to do When you Lost your Job?

It's no wonder that COVID-19 pandemic has changed the fate of millions of employees and companies. May be big companies were able to survive while the other suffer.

The time has come to make new changes to your life or business. Because in just span of few months everything was changed like the way people buy stuff, avg employee income, job opportunities etc.

Those who understand and make changes to their plans according to the situation are thriving now. So it's your turn to make a new change.

If you find yourself in a position lost your job and don't know what to do, don't worry. You are very few people who actually got a chance to read this article and earn a comfortable living.

The key to making this happen is, Once you read the entire article you must take action. Otherwise, nothing makes sense.

You must realize that all these years you are working in a corporate company, means that you have something special that the company used and paid for all these years, right?

What to do When you Lost your Job

So let's work on What to do When you Lost your Job

Step 1: List Every Skill You Have

The very first thing you need to do is list all the skills you know and the skills you don't even realise that you are good at. By doing this you will have clarity of mind to proceed to next step and connect the dots together. 

Don't be shy to add the basic skills such as working with Excel. Many people on this planet doesn't have knowledge on using the Excel effectively. 

Step 2: Areas of Expertise

Once you have the list of all skills it's time to finding the areas of expertise. It's not only important to have good grasp on the skills it is also important to have confidence while working on it. 

So make sure you make a good list of all the skills that are mastered or at least very good at. 

Step 3: Potential Audiences

Let's say you picked a skill Photoshop and you have good knowledge on it. It's time to find some people who can really use that skill. 

So what is the basic needs of the audience of Photoshop?

  • Editing photos - General people who wants to edit their wedding photos or any event photos.
  • Creating mockups - Professionals who wants to create some website mockups, designs etc.
  • Want to learn Photoshop - People who wants to learn basic to advanced Photoshop.

I am pretty sure if you are good at just one skill such as Photoshop you can help these many types of audiences. Now can see the direction you are moving. 

Once you started working any of these, you will realise if that particular method is working or not for you.

Step 4: Create Useful Digital Product or Service

Now make a package of those skills to create a digital product or service. 

Digital products can be useful for teaching about your skill and selling them on websites like Udemy or on your own website. 

Whereas services can be offered via websites like freelancer.com or upwork.com or fiverr.com. These are the great places to start promoting.

Step 5: Marketing, Marketing, and Marketing

I cannot stress enough about marketing your product or services. It is all only 30% building product or services. Remaining 70% should be your marketing efforts. This is where ordinary people and successful people get separated. So you must focus on promoting your service to more people to get more closures. 

This article will help you with doing digital marketing for small business

Step 6: Create a Schedule

I know creating course or doing repetitive tasks is boring and exhausting. But that is the only way to get succeed and that's how all successful people have done it. So always create a schedule for your day and follow it to at least few months to start seeing any good results.

Hope this article helped you to understand What to do When you Lost your Job


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