What is Google Analytics?

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Google Analytics is a free tool to measure the number of visitors to your website and to analyze their behavior. It was developed by Google.

Ever since it's invasion it gained huge popularity and became the must-have web analytics tool to be installed on their website. Configuration for a small business website or a blog is very simple and easy to use.

Why should I install it on my website?
Every business puts the effort on promoting their business but not sure how to measure their success. By installing GA on your website you can see how many visitors are coming to your website on a regular basis. Even you can see realtime users on your website. Not only that you can also find the demographics of the users such as their location, browser they are using, at what time they are visiting, gender, age, the operating system they are using, device resolutions, etc.

Also, you can find how they came to your website, on which page they are exiting the website, how much time they are spending on site, and how they are navigating from one page to another page.

Along with those features, GA also tracks your conversions. If you are a business website or e-commerce website all the conversions can be captured by GA. You can see and compare your data with previous conversions.

These are all just basic functionalities of GA. When you dig deeper into GA you can find extremely find useful information about your website based on your previous user's data.

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