What is Domain & Web Hosting?

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Are you planning to open a website? Do want to earn using a website but aren't sure about how to start hosting a website and domain names? Then you have reached your destination. Let's get on board.

Domain Name:

A domain name is what you need to know actually. A domain name is mainly an address of a website. A domain name is what you write in the address of your search engine when you browse through any site. For example, www.grammarly.com is a domain name. Remember no two domains names are same, that's the reason you never see two websites with identical titles, there are only one hotstar.com, only one netflix.com, and one youtube.com and you cannot create duplicate domain names on the web.

Web Hosting:

A website consists of many files, images, and information within it and you need a space to all of that information. So, Web hosting is a place where you contain all the details of your website. Web hosting is a page that lists all your files and information about your website.

Web hosting helps organizations to enter information on their websites. Now a web hosting service provider provides services to the user to view your sites on the web. There are many web hosting service providers on the internet; some of them are Website.com, which contains all the services needed for web hosting. Along with that if you have developed your website using WordPress, then you can use web hosters like Doteasy or Liquid web.

Services provided by web hosting companies:

  1. Email:

So, now when you get web hosting service from one service provider, they also provide you domain main of the website, along with that many of the service providers give you email accounts with the domain names which may be of the form yourname@webiste.com.

  1. FTP:

File Transfer Protocol is a simple protocol that helps you upload your images on the website. Many service providers help you with FTP access that enables you to upload any photos or files on your website.

  1. WordPress:

WordPress is the most used website development tool by most of the web developers. WordPress is a content management system that also helps you develop new themes and plugins for web development. So, once you get your website hosted, your service provider will also give you WordPress access that lets you build your website.

Requirements of WordPress:

  1. PHP version is greater than 7.
  2. MySQL version is more than 5.6.

Building a website and the use of domain and web hosting:

For a website, you need both domain and web hosting. A domain creates an address of your web site, and a web hosting stores all your files and images used in the website.


Thus, if you have built your website, then you can buy web hosting and a domain from the same service provider or any other service providers and get started.


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