How to build a brand that people care about

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Demonstrating your brand’s vision to your audience is key. This helps your brand connect with its customer base emotionally. Make them feel like becoming a customer is more than just buying the product, but more like being a part of a movement or community. Building that sense between your followers is what will distinguish you from those other short term brands and set you up for a real long term scalable business. ​

This should come very naturally and be presented as a staple of your marketing.​

Ask yourself this:​ ​
What story does your business tell?​ ​
What does your brand stand for?​

Knowing your audience.
This is where market research is crucial. Understanding what your audience values most is what will ideally catapult your revenue. Bringing value boils down to listening, finding what triggers your audience’s desire and filling in that gap better than anyone else. ​

Listening to common sense​
Being common sense oriented, figuring out what works and what doesn’t and doubling down on what does. Social media content is where a brand is being built, it would only be stupid to not leverage it to its maximum potential. Understand that brands are being built in the middle and lower funnel and it all starts with attention.​

Reconciling this with brand positioning and differentiation in the market​
Be culturally and contextually relevant to far more individual groups. Getting 7 meaningful individual groups and finding creative ways to gauge them separately. Find out how you can make a contextual connection with each of these groups. This is much more effective than only chucking out a broad ad to a large audience, it’s sloppy and translates when you come to scale.​

Creative is the variable of success​
Focus on presenting a good story, something that will engage emotion will win. A lot of people go digital and replicate TV DNA, a one size fits all approach. It’s like trying to use a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. A lot of businesses make the mass mistake of using the traditional blueprint on digital. ​

Different message different audience​
It’s ok to pay high CPMs if you know who you’re targeting and know what to show them. Don’t worry about high CPP’s if the math checks out, and you’re getting good customers.​

One mistake big brands make is that they launch one ad and target broad. There is a difference between an 18-year-old and 35 in terms of thinking, you can’t expect them to engage with the same style of ad.​

Understanding your team dynamic
Know that the top members of your team are playing for the logo and not themselves. This will help bring congruency between your vision and your teams.​


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