20 Best Document Sharing Sites List 2015

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Our collection of most popular free document sharing sites are the best source to get high-quality backlinks from high PR sites. After creating a PDF, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation with clickable links share it in below-listed document sharing sites.

These document-sharing sites play an essential role to drive traffic and provide a backlink from a high page rank website. Moreover within the document provides hyperlinks to related content to get traffic even more. Social media sharing, press releases, bookmarking sites, web 2.0 sites, directory listing, etc these all are part of link building and getting rankings on search engine result page.

Here's the top 20+ high page rank free document sharing sites list [updated 2015]. You can share a different types of documents (PDF, MS Word, and MS Powerpoint) by using the free document sharing sites.

S.No Document
Sharing Site
Page Rank
1. www.issuu.com 9
2. www.scribd.com 8
3. www.slideshare.net 8
4. www.dropbox.com 8
5. www.docstoc.com 7
6. www.lulu.com 7
7. www.free-ebooks.net 7
8. www.4shared.com 6
9. www.wattpad.com 6
10. www.smashwords.com 6
11. www.authorstream.com 6
12. www.2shared.com 5
13. www.rapidshare.com 5
14. www.uploading.com 5
15. www.powershow.com 5
16. www.pdfcast.org/ 5
17. http://www.empressr.com/ 5
18. docs.thinkfree.com 4
19. fliiby.com 4
20. www.edocr.com 4


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