12 Best Digital Marketing Blogs in 2022

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Introduction: Digital Marketing Blogs provide in-depth articles on topics in digital marketing, with discussions on tools for digital marketers. Digital Marketing Blogs are a way for marketers to stay updated on the latest trends in digital marketing and to find techniques that work best for them.

These blogs serve as an essential tool for any digitally focused company because they offer up-to-date information on what is happening in the digital space. They also offer insights and opinions about online marketing, including examples of successful campaigns, with the goal of educating others about best practices in the field.

I really appreciate your search for this topic best digital marketing blogs for beginners because there are ton of fake blogs out there about digital marketing. It is very easy to get caught on to those blogs and gain wrong information that may hurt your business or career very badly.

So here I am providing some of the reliable sources you can have in your arsenal.

This list is prepared based on many factors such as:

  • Age of the blog
  • Author reputation
  • Monthly traffic
  • How often they update with new posts
  • Blog Engagement
  • Overall reputation of the company etc.

How you can use these blogs to improve your knowledge in the future?

I would recommend you to check them out regularly and signup for their newsletter for instant updates. Google and Facebook are regularly updating their algorithms and no one knows about them unless you follow such blogs. Whenever there is an important update about any of the topic you follow I recommend you to take a note of them for future references. Bookmark the page if possible.

The following are a list of digital marketing blogs. The list includes blogs for all types of digital marketing professionals. The design blog features interviews with notable designers, the SEO blog covers topics such as website optimization, link building, and rank tracking, and the social media blog discusses topics involving communities, engagement, and conversation.

Digital marketing blogs are an excellent resource for learning about the latest trends in digital marketing. They offer advice on how to grow one's business using digital channels. A blog can be followed along with so one can stay informed of any changes or updates that may occur there.

Digital Marketing Blogs List:

The following are a list of digital marketing blogs that may be helpful to the reader.

Website NameWebsite LinkSite Age
Search Engine JournalSearch Engine Journal17 Years
Search Engine LandSearch Engine Land15 Years
Search Engine Round TableSearch Engine Roundtable15 Years
Hubspot BlogHubSpot Blog15 Years
Moz BlogMoz Blog16 Years
Neilpatel.comNeilPatel20 Years
BacklinkoBacklinko9 Years
Marketing LandMarketing Land18 Years
Search Engine WatchSearch Engine Watch20 Years
PPC HeroPPC Hero16 Years
Content Marketing InstituteContent Marketing Institute11 Years
CopybloggerCopyblogger15 Years

This is my compiled list of blogs that I regularly follow to keep my knowledge update. You might find other blogs more interesting other than this list. But that's okay because there are ton of good blogs out there giving good information.

In conclusion, digital marketing blogs are a great place to learn about the latest trends in digital marketing. Blogs can provide an overview of what's coming next, as well as how to implement the newest tactics into your company.

Take action: If you want to stay on top of digital marketing, follow these blogs!


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