Cheapest VPS Server: 1GB RAM VPS at Only $5/month

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If you are looking for a fast but cheap web hosting, then this post is for you. We all know that majority shared hostings are very slow in performance. But those with better performance comes with higher price. So today I want to show you a permanent solution for this problem. But it needs some extra time for setup.

Real advantage to this process is the performance improvement. For just 5 dollars you'll get 1GB RAM with 10GB SSD storage and for 6 dollars you'll get 1GB RAM and 1GB NVMe storage (Even faster). But 5 dollar plan is good enough for you.


  1. Get a Cloud computing instance/droplet from sites like Digital Ocean/Linode/Vultr
  2. Install Ubuntu on the Server
  3. Install Cyberpanle in it
  4. Configure Cyberpanel
  5. Start adding websites

The Cyberpanel is just like cPanel but it is opensource. It supports Litespeed and WordPress with LS Cache. If you are into WordPress development or having WordPress website for many years you'll know that the Litespeed web server is by far the fastest webserver to run PHP based applications such as WordPress.

Now you may be using Apache or NGINX web servers. But after switching to Litespeed server you can easily notice huge performance improvement. But after configuring WordPress plugin LS Cache plugin the performance gets even better.

I know it is little painful for beginners but once you setup completes you can enjoy superior performance at fraction of the cost.

For the same performance other companies charge around 20 to 30 dollars per month.

Now you have this great knowledge about web server for your websites. If you are interested you comment below so that I can make very detailed step by step tutorial on setting up the Cyberpanel.



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