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If you are looking for a way to better present your blog post idea then this post is for you. Here I am going to show you one of the best ways to write a blog post.

This post will have a pdf template that you can use to write content for your blog/website or you can give it to your content writer/s. This will save a lot of time for you. Because you don't need to explain everything to each writer you have and there is no way you might miss any point.

You can easily download the attached pdf file and share it with your content writers and tell them to follow these guidelines.

How this format is prepared?

This is a valid question, isn't it?

Because there are a lot of blog posts and YouTube videos out there explaining content writing tips etc. But unfortunately, none of them are helpful in giving the full details in one go.

I made super deep research and added my own experiences to it to make it an even more powerful content writing format.

Of course, this is not suitable for each and every content type.  But you can still use the same principles.

Click Here Download Blog Post Format Template

Blog Post Content Writing General Format

Main Title

This is the main title of the blog post that will appear in the Google search title and in a web browser tab.

  • Keep the title between 50 to 60 characters.
  • Use power words such as "absolutely" "Free" "Today Only" etc.
  • Use number if possible Ex. 5 Best blogs in 2021

Note: The majority of the time this title will be taken care of by the owner of the blog. You may skip if you want to.

Blog Post Introduction

This is the main introduction to the problem people are facing such as How often they might be facing it, scenarios, etc. This part will completely address the issue.

Super Short Answer

This is a super quick solution to the problem. Content length should be between 163 to 230 to 320 characters. By reading this snippet user should be able to solve the problem/at least part of it.

This content will rank in Google snippets at the top of the page as a direct answer to the question.

Main Body of the Content

This part of the content should explain the complete step by step process to solve the problem. This content should also have all type of formatting such as

  • Bold/Italic/Underline text
  • Bullet lists (important)
  • Subheadings
  • Blockquotes
  • Tables (important)
  • References to other websites if needed
  • Content should be extremely easy to read and digest even for 7th class standard students.
  • Content should be presented in short paragraphs like 1 to 3 lines per paragraph at most 5 lines.


It is always a good idea to add a few FAQs on the topic. These FAQs can be some silly questions that users may have in their minds. Ex. a definition of some new keyword used or anything that cannot be explained in the main body of the content.


This paragraph should brief the entire process. You can add any notes if you want here.

This second paragraph should tell what next steps they should take once they’ve done with reading the article. Ex. Signup for our newsletter to get more updates or Tell us what you think in the comments etc.


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