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Main Title: How to anything

Introduction: This is the main introduction to the problem people are facing. How often they might be facing it. Addressing the complete issue here.

Super Short Answer (for featured snippet optimization): This is the super quick solution to the problem in 163 to 230 to 320 characters. By reading this snippet the user should be able to solve the problem/at least part of it.

Main Content: This is the main body of the content. This should explain the complete step-by-step process to solve the problem. 

This content should also have all types of formatting such as

  • Bold/Italic/Underline text
  • Bullet lists
  • Sub headings
  • Blockquotes
  • Tables 
  • References to other websites if needed
  • Easy to read and digest for good readability score 
  • Use short paragraphs like 1 to 3 lines per paragraph at most 5 lines. It should be scannable content.

Keyword Insertion:

  • You are allowed to make some adjustments to the main title (only if it is necessary)
  • If you are inserting the images please use keywords alt text,title tags and use helpful captions
  • Our main focus keyword should present in Heading tag (H1) and there should only be one H1 tag
  • Add LSI keywords in other headings
  • Keep the headings structure organized

Important Note: Always keep your organization's product in the No.1 spot and keep the articles speaking around it. 

FAQs: It is always a good idea to add a few faqs on the topic. These faqs can be some silly questions that users may have in their minds. Ex. a definition of some new keywords used. 
Conclusion: Here you need to give what next steps they should take once they’ve finished reading the article (CTA). Ex: If they have any questions they can ask us in the comments or sign up for our product free trial or sign up for a newsletter or join a webinar.


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